tom is travelling


Mussoorie - A view from my hotel room

My abode - I've got a room upstairs at the end

Children - They're everywhere.

Rhesus Monkey - All around the town of Mussoorie

Squirrel! - Half the size of a London squirrel

Lizards - Hang out at the bottom of the waterfall, they have blue legs.

Sainji! - A great welcome

Leaf bug! - You only have one tactic to stay alive leaf bug. Stay on the damn leafs!

Moo - Cows can go wherever they like, they seem to like the middle of the road best.

Baby Goats - Rohnit playing with the baby goats

Huggies puppy - Lives in Mussoorie

Sikhmobile - Some big Sikh festival in Mussoorie

Mohawked Yellow Bottom - It has a mohawk, and a yellow bottom.

Boring bird - Not as interesting as the Mohawked Yellow Bottom.

These guys - Ask for a photograph and then immediately go all backstreet boys on me.

Dat ass

Traditional garhwal dress

Dogs - There are so many dogs in Mussoorie, they're passive and seem happy enough. They might explain why there aren't many rats.

Royal Enfield - Many people use motorcycles in Mussoorie, Royal Enfield seems to be a popular choice.

Farming - Hill farming in Sainji

Dancing - Students of Gems perform a traditional dance.

Temples - For two Hindu gods one of which has 6 arms and likes to drink blood. Awesome. I will update this when I find out their names.

Mountain and birdy

Spider - I hate spiders so much. This one was big and hairy and I found it in my bathroom in Mussoorie.

Baby Rhesus Monkey - Enjoying a banana.

Langour Monkeys - One langour monkey trying to convince another that if he digs a little deeper he will find treasure.

More monkeys - Monkeys are pretty great.

Masala Munch - These are up there with some of the best crisps I've ever eaten, and I eat a lot of junk food.

Everything I took with me - Far too much.