tom is travelling


Getting by in India without Hindi

I've been in India for almost 5 months now and my grasp of Hindi is nothing short of pathetic, in spite of this I seem to be getting by reasonably well. I've written down my best guesses as to why.

So Sainji is cool

Right, I managed to get to Sainji without screwing up too badly. Sainji is a great village and feels very different to Mussoorie. I've had a great week working at GEMS though for now I'll just be waffling on about life in Sainji and leave GEMS for another time.

My first impressions of India

Ok, I haven't made it to Sainji yet (thats today). I have never been to India before, or any other country that isn't in "the West" and I've only been here like 2 days so I can't tell you anything useful / informative, instead I'll just tell you a bit about my first impressions.

Stuff I'm taking with me

Basically a long list of everything I'm bringing with me, it is definitely not what I recommend anyone else brings with them as I've never done proper travelling before, this is more "what an English middle class idiot brings travelling" than actual advice.

Getting an Indian employment visa sucks

I'm going to attempt to attempt to describe how a UK national can apply for an Indian employment visa, however the application process filled me full of sadness, impotent rage and self pity so it's quite likely I'll end up moaning quite a lot as well.