tom is travelling

Stuff I'm bringing with me


I'm taking a lot of crap with me, I *think* I need it all but I stand to be corrected. Here are some new things I learnt:

  • Books and Laptops are heavy.
  • I can buy big warm clothes in India when I need them.
  • Air India have a stingy baggage allowance for domestic flights.
  • Packing is for chiefs.

Stuff I packed


Apparently wearing shorts isn't a thing in India, even in hot weather. I don't think there's a rational explanation for this but I don't want anyone thinking I'm a weirdo so I'll just have to stick with trousers. Muscle shirts are also not a done thing in India, when they are worn by me they are known as "gut shirts" anyway so this isn't really a big deal.

I've got some semi smart shirts, army surplus trousers linen for hotter weather and a hat. I also have jungle boots for kicking mountain lions in the face with and running shoes for when I realise it wasn't a good idea to go around kicking mountain lions in the face (it is highly unlikely this will be a scenario given there are no mountain lions and I don't like harming animal)s . It's going to rain a lot so I have an anorak, it's going to get cold but I'll work that out over there.

I'm not taking as many clothes as I need, most of my clothes are made in sweat shops in India anyway so I figure I can save on shipping and just buy them over there.


  • My awesome Lenovo X61 on steroids along with 2 spare laptop batteries.
  • A Sony Handycam that I can take pictures and videos with (terribly).
  • A bunch of hard drives and USB's with software, movies and ebooks.
  • A nokia 3310, after the human race has made itself extinct through war, the only things which will survive are cockroaches and Nokia 3310's.
  • An ipod classic with a shocking battery life. I will probably throw this at a mountain lion in frustration.
  • A nokia lumia with an incredible battery life, I'm using this for music too.
  • An awesome portable USB charger.

It kind of makes me feel very lucky to bring all of this technology stuff just for me when it amounts to about the same as the average annual income for someone working in India ($1570).


  • Enough multivitamins for a year
  • A bunch of different disinfectants
  • Water purifier (not needed in the Village Sainji)
  • Every possible medicine you can get commercially for diarrhea (really don't want to be caught short)
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste for the year.
  • A razor - I tried to grow a beard already and it was just a nightmarish patchy pubic disgrace. No awesome travel beard for me.

Other stuff

  • Lonely planet hindu phrasebook
  • A multitude of notepads to write incredibly profound things in, more likely to be used to draw pictures of me kicking mountain lions in the face with my jungle boots.
  • Red Tape - a book on bureaucracy, structural violence and poverty in India
  • Understanding Language - a book on the English language, because I don't actually understand how it works.
  • A Caxton multicurrency card (these things are very useful)
  • Enough Sharpies for a year.

Donations for GEMS

  • A bunch of kids story books (thanks mum!)
  • Monopoly Deal
  • A laptop
  • Some arts and crafts stuff
  • Stickers!!! (no guarantee these will make it to the school)

I've squeezed all of this crap into my travel bag and my "hand luggage", Virgin Airlines actually allows you to bring 2 23kg bags as well as hand luggage onboard for flights to India, however - my internal flight only allows 1 bag and it's 15kg as well as hand luggage. I'll definitely be overweight for the internal flight but I'm just going to throw money at the problem until it goes away.

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